You or your client may want to enhance or modify the WCCO, yet not want to reveal the source code - as required by the wcco license - for security reasons.

While there is a way to do this, I do want to point out that this may not increase the security of your program. If you make your changes to the wcco public by adding them to the base WCCO code at, you will almost certainly have more people debugging the code for you than otherwise. Furthermore, these people have an interest in reporting bugs and security problems to you because they want to use your code themselves. If you keep your source code secret, attackers won’t be interested in letting you know of weaknesses they find.

Nevertheless, if you want to modify the WCCO without having to reveal your own source code, here’s how. Instead of modifying the WCCO, write a wrapper for it (or parts of it), and add your changes to the wrapper. That way you’ll simply be incorporating the WCCO into your code, as described in scenario 1 in this faq.

how do i keep my code secret?